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Copenhagen to become new Cleantech Cluster

Lagt online 02.07.09

Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster is now a reality due to five initiators and the significant potential of the Danish cleantech industry is now ready to be exploited.

The initiators are The National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark (Risø DTU), Copenhagen University, Scion DTU, the Confederation of Danish Industries and Copenhagen Capacity. They have formed Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, whose overall objective is described by Steen Donner, Managing Director of Copenhagen Capacity:

- We want to create higher growth for cleantech companies, more cleantech companies must emerge, and we must attract more companies, talent and knowledge from abroad.

The new cluster comprises 40 players, including DONG Energy, Vestas, Novozymes and Haldor Topsoe. The aim is to reach 200 players by 2013.

Tina Fanø, head of business development at Novozymes says:

- There are many activities and by standing together and coordinating them we will get further than by having twenty different initiatives. We think we can have significantly greater influence by jointly increasing our focus on cleantech and on Denmark and thereby creating access for additional companies in cleantech.

Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster is a five year project with a budget of DKK 162m (USD 30.1m), financed by the EU, Region Zealand and the Capital Region.

Specific ambitions include: creating 1,000 new jobs and 10 public-private sector partnerships, holding 200 events, involving more than 200 players, collaborating with 15 international cleantech clusters, and increased exports and growth for entrepreneurs.

Read more - visit www.copcap.com

Billede: MD Steen Donner, Copenhagen Capacity.

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