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Nordicom: Gross profit of 199 million DKK

Lagt online 25.08.08

The Group's gross profit amounts to DKK 199.1 m for H1 2008 against DKK 164.8 m for H1 2007, corresponding to an increase of DKK 34.3 m. This increase is due to increased revenue from lettings, higher profits from project development and higher profits from sale of properties. The foreign markets have contributed with approximately 13% of the group's earnings.

- In 2009 we expect that profits from sale of properties, profits from developing projects and the more certain income from lettings will drive earnings. Assuming 2008 conditions when forecasting profits from the sale of properties in 2009, we expect to continue to see satisfactory earnings from the sale of properties. The projects under development which will contribute to 2009 earnings are looking equally satisfactory. In H2 we expect to begin new commercial property builds for more than DKK 0.5 bn, which we expect to be completed in 2009. The projects are already approximately 75% leased, even before construction has started, and are expected to have a normal contribution margin, says Nordicom.

- The turmoil in the financial markets means greater uncertainty when forecasting earnings. When focusing Nordicom’s portfolio of properties has continued to grow, especially in Germany and Sweden.

- In H1 we acquired three new investment properties, three project properties and two smaller plots of land in conjunction with ongoing projects, amounting in total to DKK 461.2 m. Furthermore, two investment properties were sold in the period for a total of DKK 113.9 m, corresponding to a profit margin of 13.5%. An additional property was sold after the closing of the balance sheet.

Ongoing development projects are progressing well and the launch of development projects abroad marks the start of a new chapter for the Swedish and German markets.

- In Sweden we have two projects in Norrköping, the eighth largest town in Sweden with a population of 125,000. One of the projects involves the construction of a new logistics property of 5,000 m2, following the opening of a new motorway exit, while the other project involves modernisation and possible extension of a centrally located office property. In Germany the two projects are located in Hamburg. One involves modernisation of a characteristic office property comprising 16 storeys on Hamburg Harbour, while the other project involves the construction of a new residential property containing 49 apartments. The project value of the four projects is estimated at approx. DKK 500 m cf. .

In addition to the above, Nordicom has entered into a collaboration with The Danish Technological Institute in developing the next generation of Danish designed pre-fabricated low-energy terraced houses. These houses are  expected to be completed in time to take part in the exhibition ahead of the climate summit in Copenhagen at the end of 2009.  

Read more about Nordicom on www.nordicom.dk

Illustration: Nordicom's project in Norrköping, Sweden.

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